Marc Morell (Mallorca, 1973) received his PhD in Social Anthropology at the Universitat de Barcelona, and his main line of research draws on the class character of the production of space. He is a Part-time Lecturer in Urban Anthropology at the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) and a Visiting Leading Researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Rīgas Strādiņa Universitāte, where he explores the political economy of the arts and the possibilities for social transformation these contain in the urban context of the Baltic republics, with fieldwork in Riga and Vilnius. Marc’s previous appointments were held at the UIB and Universitetet i Bergen for which he respectively carried out fieldwork in Majorca and Malta on several topics, mainly: gentrification, holiday rentals and the hegemony of rent. He is engaged with several research groups and professional associations such as the Observatori d'Antropologia del Conflicte Urbà, Latvijas Antropologu Biedrība and the Institut d’Antropologia de les Illes.

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reflections on belonging

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Graphic Novels



interviewed by Saulius Vasiliauskas
filmed by Oskaras Abramavičius
edited by Oskaras Abramavičius and Saulius Vasiliauskas
translated by Markas Aurelijus Piesinas

Copyright: Vilnius Review
All rights reserved


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