I am Lina Buividavičiūtė. Born on May 14, 1986, two-weeks overdue, with hip dysplasia, big blue eyes and a proclivity for weeping.
I grew, grew, and grew up into a thirty-one year old woman who still quarrels with the little Lina, and still struggled with her complexes and frustrations. I studied and studied through two years of dentistry school, a BA in Lithuanian philology and advertising, a MA in Lithuanian literature, and a PhD in the general direction of Lithuanian literature. I am a poet, literary scholar, literary critic and a tutor in Lithuanian language and biology.
My poems have been published in most of Lithuania’s cultural periodicals. I have actively taken part in literary readings, book launches, and contests. Next year, I will have my debut in the Druskininkai Poetry Fall Anthology. Such are the general facts, but truthfully, in my work, as in me, you will find mostly desire, death, emptiness, pain and anger. I rage, provoke, question, yearn. Tirelessly, with no respite.
At present, I am best represented by hunger – for experience, people, work, challenges, my own life. I am hungry, very hungry, and I share my hunger with the reader.

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