Paulina Pukytė is an artist, writer, and cultural commentator. She holds a degree from the Vilnius Academy of Art, and a Master’s from the Royal College of Art in London. She writes critical and satirical articles on cultural issues and has received awards for her texts. She has published a collection of essays Netikras zuikis (Fake Rabbit), and three experimental fiction books: Jų papročiai (Their Habits), Bedalis ir labdarys (A Loser And A Do-gooder), and Lubinas ir seradėlė (Lupin and Serradella). Two of them were shortlisted for awards in Lithuania. A theatre production of Bedalis ir labdarys premiered at the State Small Theatre of Vilnius in 2015. Extracts from this tragicomic book of dialogs and monologs are included in the anthology of Best European Fiction 2016, published by Dalkey Archive Press.

Pukytė is interested in misunderstanding and miscommunication, in flaws of perception and memory. In her work she employs chance and coincidence, as well as appropriation, often upcycling found artefacts, such as objects, images and texts. At the same time poetic and ironic, humorous and critical, her work twists perspectives and meanings, deconstructing socio-ideological myths and socio-cultural clichés. She is drawn to the marginal, even banal, rehabilitating what is seemingly unimportant and “inferior” but terribly human.

She lives and works in London and Vilnius.

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reflections on belonging

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Graphic Novels

Paulina Pukytė. In the Woods, 2014. Two found slides. Courtesy the artist





New confessions
Chrome yellow




Tell me something, December,
You have been here before.
The teeth of the tiger
Got you back.

Only believe the first verse,
The big snow,
Unsent letters.




Eye of the storm,
If you could see me now

I’m a believer –
Yellow dog
Across a summer sea

Call me by your name




Go with me, dust.
Nights at the circus
there before us.

“Anyone can do it.”

Dark waters,
distant music –
the sum of our days.

The journey
just between us.




restless summertime –
almost a crime

dreams –
fat armies of God in the woods


run the road


the great game




Try the scene:
A pale view of hills
The island
The sea
Endless love
Between friends
Gone away.
A perfect arrangement.




before I forget
at all costs
the dancer upstairs
glorious colour white
silent night
the ghost at my table


 Paulina Pukyte A03Paulina Pukytė. Natalia, 2014. Moving image from two found slides. Courtesy MO Museum and the artist




girl in a blue dress –
the go-between
black cat

dance without music

lifeless city of the beasts

the self-made men
the burning
blind ambition
success –
the death of faith




Is that your final answer,
Skinny bitch?

Forget me not.
Two of us
Always and forever.




The three of us,
Difficult women –

Two moons




look at me
all of me
all that I am
what you see




My life as a man:
the supermale sniper,
innocent traitor,
helpless Jew boy,
a pigeon




learning perfume
among flowers

The unfortunates




Twilight in Venice –
Point of no return
Confession of a falling woman –
Falling man

you see him –
A stranger in this world
enduring love
(breathing under water)
time and time again.
The clown!




The man who smiled
in the dark
among thieves

like eating a stone




If I were you
in the skin of a lion
the liar
and after – the innocent man




No night is too long

For one more day

Two years ago.





the great lover





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