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Poet, prose writer, literary critic, translator.
He was born 2 February, 1973 in Vilnius.
In 1995 he was an editor of magazine “Jaunimo gretos”, in 1996-2001 and 2008 he worked at editorial office of “Literatūra ir menas”. He collaborated with the Teachers’ House organizing various literary events and readings and was one of the organizers of The Literary Winter of the Capital festivals (2001-2004). In 2002 together with Darius Pocevičius he launched a website “” and was one of its administrators. He works at editorial office of monthly magazine “Metai” since 2010. He constantly arranges literary readings. He has had several exhibitions of visual poetry. He takes photos and films literary events, he is in charge of website “Tekstai TV”. His poems have been published in various collections and almanacks “Poezijos pavasaris”, “Poetinis Druskininkų ruduo” and translated into English, Latvian, Russian, Polish, Belorussian and Portuguese.
A member of Lithuanian Writers’ Union since 1995.


Veidas: poetry. – Kaunas: Vaidoto Oškinio leidykla, 1992.
Šalkis: poems. – Kaunas: Vaidoto Oškinio leidykla, 1995.
12" kėdžių: poems / things. – Vilnius: Vario burnos, 1997.
Buto raktas: poems. – Vilnius: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla, 1999.
0+6: poems-things. – Kaunas: Kitos knygos, 2006.
Raugintu krauju: poems. – Vilnius: Naujoji Romuva, 2007.
Kiškis kiškiškai kiškena: collection of poetry with CD. – Kaunas: Kitos knygos, 2008.


Translations from Russian:
E. Limonov. Tai aš, Edička: novel (together with D. Pocevičius). – Kaunas: Kitos knygos, 2006.
V. Sorokin. Opričkino diena: novel. – Kaunas: Kitos knygos, 2008.


Drew up:
Poezijos pavasaris 1999: almanack. – Vilnius: Vaga, 1999.
Žiemos poezija: almanack (together with J. Žitkauskas). – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2001.
Žiemos žodžiai: almanack together with J. Žitkauskas). – Vilnius: Vilniaus mokytojų namai, 2002.
Žiemos žodžiai: almanack (together with D. Pocevičius, J. Žitkauskas). – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2003.
Žiemos žodžiai: almanack (together with D. Pocevičius, J. Žitkauskas). – Vilnius: Žuvėdra, 2004.
Poezijos pavasaris 2012: almanack (together with G. Kazlauskaitė, M. Burokas). – Vilnius: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos fondas, 2012.
Poezijos pavasaris 2013: almanack (together with A. Šimkus, G. Norvilas). – Vilnius: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos fondas, 2013.
Prekės iš kosmoso: poetry collection of Latvian poetry group “Orbita” (drew up and translation together with M. Burokas, V. Dekšnys, and others). – Kaunas: Kitos knygos, 2014.


1991 Prize of Eilėraščiai per naktį during Poetry Spring festival.
1993 Best debut in Poetry Spring almanack.
2007 Prize-surprise of Nemuno during Poetry Spring festival.
2007 Young Yotvingian Prize.
2007 Literary Youth Award of Vilnius University, Faculty of Philology.
2008 Prize of Eilėraščiai per naktį during Poetry Spring festival.
2008 Julijonas Lindė-Dobilas award. your social media marketing partner


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