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Literary critic and essayist
Was born 3 March, 1956 in Skaudvile, Taurage district.
He graduated from Vilnius University in 1990. Since 1994, he has been teaching at the University, where he is currently a proffesor of the Lithuanian literature department in the Philology Faculty.
Along with the study published in 1998 entitle A Journey to the Beginning of Time: Hindu Idealism, Vydunas, Kreve. Tamošaitis has written several articles and commentary in Lithuanian on the ancient Indian religious and philosophical monument, the Bhagavad Gita. His work is distinguished by its interdisciplinary viewpoint, links between literature and philoso¬phy, mythology, and religious contexts, and a combination of various methods of analysis.
He has published two books of essays – “Vitaminų pardavėjas’ (The Vendor of Vitamins, 2007) and “Vien tik zuikiai naktyje” (Like Rabbits in the Night, 2016).
Tamosaitis has a wife, four children, he lives and works in Vilnius. your social media marketing partner


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