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reflections on belonging

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Graphic Novels

Photo by G. Kavoliūnas, 2017

Interview by Saulius Vasiliauskas

I understand memory as an organ of the human psyche that is capable of resisting the indifference of historical time. It seems to me that attention to and love for certain places, such as, for instance, one’s space of residence in the city, enhances this organ. Then we also begin to feel the natural connections with the fates, thoughts, and texts of people who used to live in that place.

Photos by Dainius Dirgėla

Interview by Birutė Grašytė

Words come from the lump in the solar plexus. Then, assisted by the hand and a ball-point pen, they are laid down on paper. (Vytautas Stankus).

Interview by Erika Lastovskytė

Lawrence Schimel is an award-winning writer, translator, and publisher at A Midsummer Night’s Press. As a publisher he passionately looks for voices that need to be heard to make this world a culturally and socially rich place.

Žygimantas Kudirka

Interview by Jurga Tumasonytė

The artistic bio of the text writer and musician Žygimantas Kudirka, 28, is regularly updated with new work, new awards, and new words of praise.



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