Vaiva Grainytė (b. 1984) is a writer, playwright, and poet. Her creative practice usually crosses the confines of deskwork and becomes an integral part of an interdisciplinary polylogue. Her writing exhibits features typical of her oeuvre: personal and collective memory play a large part, while daily routines and social issues are in harmony with a poetic and ironic approach.

Her book of essays Beijing Diaries (2012) was nominated for the Book of the Year award in the adult literature category, included in the top twelve listing of the most creative books for that year, and awarded the Augustinas Gricius Prize. Grainytė is also the author of the libretto Have a Good Day (2013), which earned 6 international awards in Europe. Her second work in music – a collaboration with Lina Lapelytė and Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė  Sun & Sea (Marina) (2019) was chosen to represent Lithuania at the 58th Venice Biennale, where it earned the Golden Lion. The author and her colleagues’ work also received the Young Artist Award and earned the highest awards in Lithuanian theater – the Golden Stage Cross and Borisas Dauguvietis’s Earring. Vaiva’s poetry debut Gorilla’s Archives was published in 2019.

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reflections on belonging

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Graphic Novels

Poem from the poetry book "Gorilla's Archives"



translated by Rimas Uzgiris
video by Jevgenij Tichonov
organized by Saulius Vasiliauskas

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