by Vakarė Smaleckaitė

Despite nostalgia or some kind-hearted jibes about documented events and facts, the strongest places in the narrative of Gertrūda are those pertaining to “shameful” topics that we are inclined to suppress, ignore, or forget.

Ričardas Šileika, The Gift of Surgailis


by Rima Bertašavičiūtė

Two themes are more prominently developed in the collections of essays published in 2015–2016: the search for a place and the search for personal writing, or writing about the self.

Arriving at Ellis Island. George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress), 1907

by Rimas Užgiris

In czarist-controlled Lithuania, surrounded by gluttons and drunks, Frank became a debauchee; in the wild capitalism of the United States, Frank becomes a heartless striver. Where is the real Frank?

Alis Balbierius - Jurgis Kunčinas, Druskininkai, 2000-I

by Elizabeth Novickas

It’s a graceful interweaving of the many presences still wandering Užupis’s streets amidst a doomed love affair, alcohol (lots of alcohol), and poverty.

Photo by Ričardas Šileika, My Vilnius Is a Bit Incoherent Today

by Violeta Kelertas

What critic doesn’t live for new discoveries?

by Virginija Cibarauskė

 Socio-cultural shifts in independent Lithuania and poetry

by Jūratė Čerškutė

Introductory remarks: What is the twelve and what is it for?



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